Are you a Spiritual Entrepreneur or in network marketing & wanting to do things your way?  
Are you ready to break out of the mold & skyrocket your business?
My mission is to help burnt out network marketers find their passion in selling, create a community & thriving business.  
I combine Human Design with intuitive strategy to help you run a business YOUR WAY.  
Stop following what others are telling you to do...
 Start tapping into your unique gifts in order to run an aligned business.

Are you constantly seeking answers outside of you? Maybe you are at a place where you are finally realizing that it is time to trust yourself? This mastermind opportunity is for you!


Hey! Quick intro for those of you who may not know me.

I have over a decade of experience in the health and counseling field. I used to work in a school setting, but then we decided once we had kids that I would stay home to raise them.

This was one of the best decisions because I shortly after entered the world of entrepreneurship.

I have always been someone who was excited about products or even a favorite restaurant- naturally I would tell everyone.

I joined a company because a friend promised me I'd make a ton of money right away and as a stay at home mom I took a leap of faith and said yes. This was the WORST decision ever. I wasn't aligned with the products first of all, which I soon realized is the most important thing when starting any business and second I wasn't aligned with the company's vision as well.

I was still able to sell the product but it definitely felt like that "hey girl" way which was NOT ME. Fast forward, after I quit I found a different company that totally aligned with my vision and mission in life at the time which was to empower people with natural solutions. I still am with this company and incorporate the products in my everyday life and also recommend them to clients.